Has it really been two weeks since my last post?

by Janie Jones

Greetings all.

I didn’t fall off the face of the Earth, nor get hauled away for being rude to unwanted house guests.

I did spend much of the last two weeks working and sleeping.  Then, just as I was feeling pretty good about my level of relaxation, I got a cold which knocked me out for the last week or so.

In any case, I had a very quiet Christmas with Leif at the farm, and am doing my best to enjoy every moment of not being in school.  The grades were posted, and while I would have preferred my grade point average to not take such a hit, I was very pleased in general to have got a C in Physics.  I tell you what, mediocrity never felt so satisfying before.  As it happens, I missed a B by 3 percentage points, so all in all I think I did pretty well.  But we are not done whingeing about Physics yet…  One more semester to go.

I hope you all had lovely Christmases and wish you the happiest new year!

New year comic

One Comment to “Has it really been two weeks since my last post?”

  1. Well done!

    Hope you’re feeling better?

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