When the GenPop can make themselves at home in your house and you have absolutely no say in it, you’ve sunk almost as low as you can go

by Janie Jones

So these people who were visiting the guy from upstairs, they used my bathroom.  Okay.   Just one more lovely thing I have no choice but to accept when you can’t afford your very own house.  Saturday morning the guy in the party was very contrite, apologetic and polite, so what could I do but be polite back?

However, I get home yesterday and there was powdery brownish stuff all over the sink.  I imagine it must have been some sort of make-up and, as really it was on everything, I suppose the lady in the party must have dropped it or it got shook up in her suitcase and it poofed when opened.  I get it.  Accidents happen, making yourself beautiful can be messy.  But, this isn’t a hotel.  I don’t think I should have to clean up after the upstairs guy’s guests.  There was a sponge and some dish soap right there on the counter.  Take a minute and wipe it up dammit, this isn’t your house, and you are imposing on my space.  I didn’t invite you, in fact someone else did without even consulting me and you ruined my night by trying to get in my room and talking at full decibel levels right outside my bedroom door in the small hours of the night.  I do not thank you very much.  So the very least you can do is leave the bathroom as clean as you found it, because I had just cleaned it before I went to work.

And, they threw away the end of a roll of toilet paper and put on a brand new roll.  Well, that was nice I guess, but then I noticed the roll in the trash.  There was still enough paper on it for several more uses.  I guess they don’t mind wasting my toilet paper any more than they mind making a mess in my bathroom and imposing in the space I live without so much as a by-your-leave.

The part that sucks the most is that there is no where else I can go on my budget and do better.  So I have to put up with it all.

3 Comments to “When the GenPop can make themselves at home in your house and you have absolutely no say in it, you’ve sunk almost as low as you can go”

  1. Put a notice up in the bathroom for future guests. And a tip box.

  2. I’ve always liked the prank you set up to deal with medicine cabinet snoops…. fill it with pingpong balls, or marbles if you like, very carefully, and then wait for it. Giggle madly. Watch how red a face can turn. Lather rinse repeat. And I absolutely love that GenPop is getting out there are the accepted term for the Great Unwashed Masses. Happy New Year!!

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