A question, oh and some very long run on sentences

by Janie Jones

If I tell you that, in the middle of the night, you are sound asleep and are awakened by a thundering herd of footsteps down the stairs adjacent to your bedroom wall and you half sleepily try to block it out figuring it’s the ass who lives upstairs and always uses the kitchenette outside your door and leaves a huge freakin’ mess in it until you then hear the herd stop outside your door, and while talking loudly try to open your bedroom door, if then I tell you I feel awkward and violated and unable to go back to sleep would you blame me?

Certainly I am probably over reacting, but who likes to wake up to a herd of strangers who tried to get into your room and then camped outside it having a nice cozy chat and upon asking them to please not visit there because you are trying to sleep and have to work in the morning, and even though they apologized saying they thought I was gone for the holiday, they tell you that they are going to be sleeping the the landlords spare room right across from you and connecting to your bathroom, that you for some reason now feel like you are the interloper in your own home and can’t stop wondering why they were trying to get into your room especially if they thought you were gone?

Now, here I lie feeling vulnerable and inexplicably miserable, listening to the strangers settle in to sleep across the way and now I just can’t seem to fall back to sleep.  I don’t like surprises, and I don’t like people trying to get in my bedroom and I don’t like having strangers I don’t know sharing my space.  And in the dark of the night, being tired and jarred awake just amplify all the negative, uncomfortable, yucky feelings.


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