Perspectives and ponderables

by Janie Jones

A friend sent me this:

put the glass down

I guess not only am I a glass half empty kinda person, but a “I can’t put it down” sort as well….

I have to add though, if your glass is half empty and you’re wandering through the desert, you’ll want to hold that water up as long as possible.  My point being, you can ignore dying of thirst in the desert, or you can ignore being broke, but it won’t make it go away.  So as clever and as cute as this psychologist is, some kinds of stress you can’t make go away just by ignoring your problems.

I have learned to let a lot go.  I’ve put down a a lot of glasses of water.  But you can’t let everything go, once you do what’s the point of going forward?  Sometimes stress is there to make you want to affect a change.

The key in everything is moderation.

How far will you carry your glass of water before you get where you want to be in life?  Or will you just give up and put it down half way there because your arm hurts?


One Comment to “Perspectives and ponderables”

  1. Drink it or put it down. Why carry it around at all? Unless you’re bringing it to someone. 🙂

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