The play’s the thing

by Janie Jones

Greetings my bloggy friends.

I meant to make a post yesterday, but the day totally got away from me in a good way.

So first, Legally Blonde the musical.

I did manage to stay awake through the whole 3 hours, and it didn’t even seem that long.  I laughed through almost the whole thing.  In short, it was very great fun.  That said, I think it pretty much destroyed my beloved movie.  It only resembled the movie in the main story line, but the characters and much of the actual events that moved the plot forward were changed.  And, the singing.  OMG the SINGING.  I knew there would be a lot of musical numbers, I mean, it is a musical.  But I think they sang 95% of the time.  And most of the songs were hideously annoying.

But the best part in my opinion was the supporting character Paulette.  She is much different in the musical, and apparently dreams of visiting Ireland.  She does a long number about going to Ireland and meeting a chap named Brendan and dancing without moving their arms.  The closing phrase of her song is about one day visiting the “land of whiskey and love.”

Hmm.  Speccy, did you and Tinman know you live in the land of whiskey and love?

Anyway, in the end the UPS guy turns out to be one Kyle Brendan O’Boyle.  And, instead of discovering that the pool boy is gay because he knows the names of shoe designers, she discovers he’s gay because he doesn’t even notice her bend-and-snap, which segues into a number about whether he’s gay or just European, and his gay lover outs him as being both gay and European.  And the final courtroom scene where Elle makes the case sealing connection between Chutney’s perm and her phoney alibi is actually performed in a recreation of the shower scene.

So, all in all pretty funny.  If you have the opportunity to go see it, and you don’t mind 3 hours of nearly non-stop singing, you’ll probably enjoy it.  Just don’t go thinking it will be much like the movie.

Now, because I didn’t get a chance to share this with you all yesterday as I intended, you get the two-for-one post.

Yesterday I did end up going to the movies with Leif and we saw Interstellar.  Some people at the seed bank had strongly encouraged me to go see it if I could, so I went in all excited and prepared to be wowed.  Well, I was wowed, but mostly because it seemed like someone said, “Let’s take this normal hour and a half or two hour long script and drag it out for 160 minutes.”

Seriously, not even including the previews before the movie, the damn thing was 160 minutes long.  We sat in that theater for almost 3 hours.  If we’d been there on time and sat through the previews, it would have literally been 3 hours and 15 minutes from first preview to the start of the ending credits.  That is a long F84king movie.

The story line was actually very interesting, and I think it would have made a wonderful normal length movie.  But there were multiple times when I sat there thinking, okay already, I know you are trying to up the suspense or set the scene, but I think I’ve seen enough beauty passes of Saturn/Gargantua/corn fields/space ships whirling through space and the fight scene later in the movie was absolutely painful.  Watching two men grapple on a glacier for 10 minutes, while one of them spouts lame attempts at poignant insights no less, was really more than the movie needed.   And then, in the few moments of intensity and action, the soundtrack was so loud you almost couldn’t hear what the actors were saying.

Anyway, if you haven’t seen Interstellar, I highly recommend catching it because the story is, as I said, pretty interesting, but wait until it comes out on Netflix.  Unless you happen to like being deafened by excessively loud background music and bored by failed attempts at cinematographic artistry, you don’t need to see this movie on the big screen.

All in all, despite the mixed reviews, it was a good couple of days.

But, as all good things must come to an end, it’s back to the grind now…


6 Comments to “The play’s the thing”

  1. “Whiskey and love”- of course, that’s why we stay 🙂 That and all the dancing…
    Glad to see you had fun, Janie x

  2. I was always told god invented whiskey to keep the Irish from taking over the world.

  3. Note to self: don’t take Janie to anything that lasts longer than 90 minutes 🙂

    Thanks for the reviews!

    • Oh, no it’s not an attention span problem, it’s a I have other places to be than wasting my time on superfluous footage. I was riveted through the whole three hours of Legally Blonde the Musical even though they changed my beloved script.

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