The calm before the storm

by Janie Jones

I have almost survived another semester.  Yesterday I had two tests which were math based.  By 10 am my brain felt shredded, my confidence in myself was at an all time low and slunk from the classroom trying to salvage what was left of my dignity and not cry.

But, I decided life would go on, and had lunch I couldn’t really afford with my study buddies.  It was fun.  I also decided on the advice of one of my buddies to spend a little more money I didn’t have on going to a musical of Legally Blonde tonight.

I saw it advertised and thought that, even though I don’t generally like musicals, because Legally Blonde is one of my all time favorite movies that it might be worth suffering through some lame chorus numbers.  Plus students get a hefty discount, so it would only mean a small encumbrance on my sad excuse for a checkbook balance.  Besides, I need to remember what having a life feels like.

So tonight at 7pm I’m off to the theater.  Or should that be theatre?  I hope I can stay awake!  I hear it’s a three hour production.  Luckily, I have the day off from work and school tomorrow.  And as finals start next Tuesday, I don’t have any homework to worry about other than the requisite efforts of “studying for finals.”

While I know finals and financial doom are rapidly encroaching on my horizon, it feels kinda nice to think I have nothing to do other than go to the musical tonight.  And tomorrow Leif is coming to town for my belated birthday celebration.  There is the possibility of taking in a movie together.  I hear that Interstellar is good.  I might just forget for the next day or so that I’m a miserable broke college student.  I might remember, just briefly, what it feels like to be a “normal” person.

4 Comments to “The calm before the storm”

  1. You go, girl! *failsmiserablytoclickfingerssidewaysinacoolmotion*

    Have a wonderful time and best of luck with the exams.

  2. Happy (late) birthday, or did I tell you happy birthday before and I’ve had another increment of that stroke I keep threatening to have just so H will have to make his own damn dinner? Wait, what were we talking about? Nevermind. Have an excellent time at the theater, although now I see that day has passed and here I am, being all historical with my greetings.
    Oh and, normal is no fun. I tried it once. It itched.

    • Late, on time, or repeated, its all good. Thanks! And normal might be boring, but I’ve had more than enough excitement to last me a while. A little bit of boring sounds intriguing.

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