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November 21, 2014

Factual, funny and freakish, all on one Friday

by Janie Jones

Now, if you are the kind of person who is a bit put out having to follow a link in a blog post to understand what the author is posting about, I will apologize now.

But, if you know nothing about Naked Mole Rats, and/or you are looking for something that will make you laugh and shudder all at once, then you will not regret following this link and spending 3 minutes watching this highly informative video:

True facts about Naked Mole Rats

My lab partner and I had a bunch of time to kill Wednesday night while we waited for our Drosophila cells to incubate and he and I swapped funny websites.  He got The Oatmeal, and I got True facts about Naked Mole Rats.  A thoroughly equitable exchange, in my opinion.

And, here’s a spoiler alert:   No, something that ugly can’t be food.

Happy Friday