So you *do* understand

by Janie Jones

Leif sent this to me last night.  Once I finished laughing my ass off, I decided I must share.


This exactly how I feel about physics, which by the way, is never easy, but is close to being the most sadistic, obtuse, and frustrating application of mathematics my sad little Jane Brain has ever encountered.

Thanks Leif.  You made my day.

4 Comments to “So you *do* understand”

  1. Thanks for the laugh. I use algebra, trigonometry, and some calculus in my work. I learned it from odd sources, such as at the back of field books used for surveying, or a book that came with a calculator.

    When I use math for a specific purpose, I can wade through what’s necessary. When it’s theoretical, me and Pedro come up with a different number of souls.

  2. Oh man, I wish math tests were like that! LOL I could write a serious riff on Pedro and the whole souls-for-cupcakes economy . . .but figures and equations totally baffle me. I guess that’s why I majored in liberal arts and not math. Go figure.

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