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November 8, 2014

Of all places to find hope for the future

by Janie Jones

Generally the GenPop offspring don’t seem very promising.  However, there are some moments when hope swells and I weep with admiration.  The new season of Master Chef Junior is now available on Hulu.  If you have never seen Master Chef Junior season one, I highly recommend tuning in.  It stars 8-13 year olds who cook like Michelin star chefs.  And, unlike in the adult version of the show where it’s cut throat, name calling, and back stabbing episode after episode, these tots really seem to care about the success of the other contestants, displaying integrity, manners, and a lot more grace than their adult counterparts.  When one little girl’s chicken came out raw, the whole cast went to comfort and support her; bringing the judging to a halt under the proud and impressed gazes of the three judges.  It was breath takingly sweet.  When I think about the spud, who is the same age as the contestants, and can barely cut her pork chop, much less make duck pate with bruleed pears, I’m totally blown away.

So if you want some feel good TV, check out Master Chef Junior and see what the younger generation can bring to the table.  Dedication, creativity, sound character, and some damn tasty looking dishes.  Whether the directors have scripted it or not, you still can’t fake kids with that much talent and dedication for food.

master chef season 2 *image from Hulu