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November 5, 2014

Happy King Tut Day: Belated

by Janie Jones

This post was originally prepared several weeks ago and scheduled to post yesterday, but on account of realizing it also fell on voting day, when I was planning to get all up on my political soapbox, I bumped it.

Sorry boy king.
220px-Tutmask The tomb of King Tut was discovered on on November 4, 1922.  The son of Akhenaten and one of his sisters identified as “The Younger Lady,” King Tut is said to have ascended the throne at approximately nine years of age in 1333 BC.  He died young, at about age 18, of causes still under debate and without an heir; although mummy remains of two female fetuses are believed to be his children by his half-sister wife, Ankhesenamun.

Now it is Tuesday, so before you get all bent out of shape about a serious topic supplanting Tuesday Titters, I have more.  If you’ve got 3 minutes, honor the boy king and check out this very special presentation about King Tut.

You won’t regret it.  Seriously.