Forever Friday

by Janie Jones

I found a new guilty pleasure on Hulu.  This fall a new TV show came out called Forever.  It’s about a guy who doesn’t die.  Well, he can be killed, but he always comes back to life.  So he works as coroner/medical examiner to try and figure out how/why he is the way he is, and along the way he solves murder crimes.  I missed the beginning of the season, so I am about 4 episodes behind.

My reward for getting all my homework done is to watch an hour of TV while I eat my dinner.  Tonight, being Friday, I just might throw responsibility to the wind, live wild and watch two episodes. Crazy, crazy times.

Oh, and eat cake too.  I am going to try making a crock pot cake, as I have no oven unless I want to go upstairs and use the real kitchen.  Which I don’t– it is always full of dirty dishes, stacks of guy stuff, and it stinks.  So, crock pot cake, here we come!

Happy Friday to you all!



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