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October 17, 2014

At last it’s Friday, the weekend is just hours away

by Janie Jones

So, it has been a grueling week at Janie’s Place.  But, I’ve survived.  And this weekend has just three tasks (that I know of) on the schedule: laundry, sleep and study for my test Monday in the class I actually like.

But first I have to sit through my physics test beginning in two and a half hours, a lecture, a group meeting at noon, a conference at 12:30 and three hours of counting mouse poop   I. capensis.  Then I’m going out to the farm to see Leif, the dogs and cat, and what’s left of the chickens.  Apparently my favorite, Chickie Baby, got caught and eaten by some mystery critter last week.   All Leif could find of her was a pile of feathers.    It’s sad, but also the law of the jungle, eat or be eaten.  But unlike the other chickens she was so friendly and pretty.  She’d come up to you to be picked up and pet, and then she’d sit on your lap and just hang out.  She’d eat feed right out of your hand, too.  😦

Anyway, at least I didn’t suffer the same fate as poor Chickie Baby.  I am still here.  And looking forward to a hopefully low key weekend.

Happy Friday to you all.


TGIF cartoon*Found at Google Images