For a moment there, it felt like the Bates Motel

by Janie Jones

I was just showering and had the ever lovin’ snot scared out of me- by myself.  And my shower caddy.

So, you know how it is.  Your mind is elsewhere while you autopilot through mundane daily activities.  I finish my routine and I turn my back to my shower caddy (it’s one of those vertical tension rod numbers that stands in the corner of your shower) to shut off the water when suddenly I feel and half see the shower curtain yanked back and sense something swish past my back.  In the initial microsecond of sensing this I think: Leif and a practical joke.  But in the second microsecond my consciousness awakens, realizes I’m not at the farm or in my beloved house of yore; I’m in the bathroom at the house where I’m staying in the Big City.  Leif is not here.  There’s a psycho prowler in the house!

I scream like, well, Janet Leigh in Psycho.

shower scene

Then through my scream I hear a crash and finally see the shower caddy which fell and threw open the curtain.

My heart racing, relief flooding through me, I laugh and then embarrassment washes over me as I remember I have 5 basically strangers living upstairs.  I go silent, listening.  I wait.  Nope, I don’t hear anyone upstairs running about or yelling back to be quiet.

I can’t quite decide now if I should feel relieved that I didn’t have to explain why I was shrieking in the shower at 6:30 in the morning, or a bit miffed that I could be stabbed to death while all the guys upstairs slept like the dead.

I also wonder how long my throat will stay raw from that scream….


4 Responses to “For a moment there, it felt like the Bates Motel”

  1. Oh, you gave me a huge laugh this morning, Janie! Thank you 😀


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