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September 20, 2014

It’s gotta be the name

by Janie Jones

Back in August of 2011 I published a post about our foray into fish tank ownership.

3 years later it still gets  couple visits almost every week making it the most popular post of my blog of all time.  So today I went back and read that post.  It was definitely a peek through a window into happier times.  As I read that post I could remember there was still a level of joy and excitement and general carefree happiness in my life then.

School was still a new experience.  The careful planning for my future had not eroded away yet.  Certain relationships were rock solid.  My family unit and home was stable.  I still knew fun and improvisation and had people to share it all with.  And the burden of being poorer than dirt hadn’t begun to strangle the life out of me yet.

All that remains of that fish experiment is a algae coated tank, a plecostomus, one tiger barb, and some random miscellaneous snails that were given to us for free by a pet store some years ago.  I couldn’t bring myself to terminate the fish when we moved and we had no one to give them to, but Leif’s farm doesn’t really have a place for them, so they sit on the end of the dining room table which in addition to being a fish stand, is where we eat and where Leif stores a ton of random crap.  I’ve been too depressed or busy to clean out the tank and Leif apparently has lost his enthusiasm for it as well.

It’s a sad sort of parallel to my life in general.

But I digress.

The point was that for some reason this is always a popular post getting regular visits.  Why?  I wonder.  It doesn’t seem that it could be very interesting to anyone outside of my inner most circle of friends.  But I think I know.  It’s all in the name.  Suggestive, potentially controversial, dirty, and silly.  I bet a lot of weirdos search these and other naughty combinations and somehow through the unfathomable workings of Google get the link to Janie’s “A thousand licks of a black moor… Now that’s clean” post.

Very funny.