by Janie Jones

It’s Wednesday at 11 am.

It’s my lunch time.  I’ve been up since 4 am, I’ve exercised, studied, gone to physics, gone to cell biology, and run all over campus on errands to the business office to pay the portion of my fees that were billed after they disbursed my financial aid and to change locker locations to one that I can actually get to instead of the one directly outside two massive lecture halls that become packed like a Major Metropolis interstate at 5 pm on a Friday during road construction.  I am more than ready for lunch.

I packed one, an apple and a can of chicken salad with crackers.  It’s about all I can bear to lug along with me with all the crap I have to carry.  And promptly upon swallowing the last bite my stomach growled for more.  So, I went against all my better instincts and bought a taco at the campus food court.

And once again I’m reminded of why I generally don’t eat there.

The food court food is expensive and tastes like crap.  I sit here looking around at all the traditional college age students eating nappy burgers and gluey nachos and I wonder how anyone can perform physically or mentally being feed such chemical compositions masquerading as food.


And, I’m still hungry by the way.



2 Comments to “Food?”

  1. So true. I’m somewhat less than Miss Congeniality when I’m tired and hungry.

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