Tuesday Titters does physics jokes

by Janie Jones

I had to revisit physics this year because I dropped it last fall.  My problem with physics?  Well, it’s like all the story problems you hated from math class on steroids.  Still, I like the conceptual stuff, just don’t ask me to prove it mathematically.  And, I must understand it better than I think, because I found these jokes and sat here laughing my ass off for a good half hour.  Leif called while I was reading them and I was laughing so hard I couldn’t talk.  Or maybe it was just the exhaustion making them seem so funny.  Well, I’ll read this post again tomorrow after a good night’s sleep and see if I still laugh.  Until then, enjoy:

enhanced-buzz-26747-1378479000-24From Buzz Feed Community.

Click here for more pee in your pants funny physics comics.



2 Comments to “Tuesday Titters does physics jokes”

  1. Somehow I have become unsubscribed from your blog (now fixed). What’s the physics behind that? 🙂

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