Curious and Curiouser

by Janie Jones

So I have started my glamorous new job as a tour guide.  As minimum wage jobs go, it so far doesn’t suck with the power of a black hole, but I have to admit that on account of being on the wrong side of 40 and having been pretty much completely sedentary for the majority of the last 4 years my thighs, hips and back are not terribly pleased with all the walking, stair climbing and standing.  Still the people I work with are pleasant, if a bit neurotic in that over caffeinated, college student sort of way and the tourists have generally been very pleasant too.  Time doesn’t drag too much and over all I don’t have much to complain about all things considered.  Imagine that.  No complaints.  You must be visiting the wrong blog….

Anyway, to get to the new job I have to drive down the gravel road a piece, turn on to the state highway and then 15 miles or so later I can get onto the interstate and cruise the rest of the way at 75 mph into work.  It’s a gas guzzling commute, but traffic isn’t bad and I’ve only had to endure it for 4 days so far so it hasn’t worn on me much yet.  But…  You knew there’d be one coming eventually didn’t you?

I have noticed something which strikes me as very odd.

So far I’ve spotted not just one, not even just two, but three different cars on two different mornings and one afternoon all pulled over at nearly the exact same place on the interstate all with flat tires.  Coincidence?  Yeah probably.  Still, paranoid much?  Yeah you bet.  I can’t afford to place a flat tire, nor would I like to put on the spare in my oh so stylin’ work uniform.

Seriously though, it does seem pretty suspicious to find so many cars pulled over with flats in the same place, doesn’t it?


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