While I’ve been unmotivated life goes on

by Janie Jones

Greetings dear blog buddies who haven’t given up on me.

Life continues forward and I stumble along with it. Leif occasionally asks if I’ve updated my blog and I sullenly answer no, why bother when all I’d do is complain or be depressing.

Well here’s finally some news that’s not totally depressing. Thursday was my blogoversary. I forgot again this year, but WordPress was there as usual to remind me of the hallmark date.

4th blogoversary

It often feels like I’ve been blogging for longer, and then I realize that’s because I have. I had a different blog before this one, so altogether it’s been more on 6 years. And it occurs to me that  perhaps this last several months don’t really count as, WordPress puts it, “Good blogging,” as the blogging has definitely fallen off and when I do stumble myself to the computer what gets thrown up here is somewhat less than an interesting read. And, I really just can’t stand losing the small community of blog followers who I consider friends because my material is so unread-worthy.


If you are still out there, thank you for your ongoing support.

I am hoping that if I just keep putting one foot in front of the other one day soon I’ll find I’ve shuffled myself into a better place.  I hope you’ll still be there to share it with me when I do, too.


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