I survived

by Janie Jones

I am done with calculus, and hopefully forever.

***And there was MUCH rejoicing***

I kind of gave up a bit at the end, but all in all I feel I acquitted myself admirably, if you discount all the crying, the wailing and the gnashing of teeth.  I honestly don’t feel I retained all that much, but through sheer tenacity (and no doubt a healthy grading curve) I managed to get a B for my final grade.

Now, if I can just get a 65% on my Organic Chem final on Monday, which is what I need to finish this class also with a B, I’ll be content with the outcome of this semester.

And, I want to thank my wonderful, regular readers.  I’ve been very miserable this last semester or two as I’ve struggled through all this math stuff, and some heavy duty personal crap.  I hope you all know that your comments, emails and “Likes” have kept me going and have given me more than one morale booster when I needed it.  So, thank you again and again.


4 Comments to “I survived”

  1. Calculus is an interesting word. It not only describes higher mathematics – sometimes attributed to Isaac Newton – it is the term describing a painful calcium buildup on the teeth of a horse.

    I’m guessing your classes involved studying higher mathematics. If not, you might decide to change your major to veterinary medicine.

    All joking aside, the peanut gallery has their fingers crossed you passed.

  2. heh. Wait ’til you see what happens. You’ll start seeing higher order derivatives around. There’s no escape from calculus.

  3. I just came across your blog today, and being a baby boomer, thankfully calculus is something I never had to study! My heart goes out to the students of today, as they seem to have so much more homework and pressure than I did when I went out to school. I wish you all the best, and I am sorry you have been going through difficult times.

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