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May 9, 2014

Last Organic Chem Lab

by Janie Jones

Yesterday we made Nylon.  It was pretty cool.  You have three liquid materials in a beaker which do not mix, instead they form two separate layers with a film in the middle.  Then with a hook you simply grab the filmy middle bit and pull up.  The result is a white strand of Nylon.  The procedure is really cool.  This photos don’t do it justice as it was hard to operate my camera one handed.

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The whole experiment is done at room temperature, and it was really cool watching the strand of Nylon form from the liquid.  Apparently in a previous year a student managed to make an unbroken 9.6 meter strand.  I did get a pretty long strand at one point, but I couldn’t seem to keep it from tangling up and so it was too difficult to measure.  But it was still probably the most visually stunning lab I’ve done all year.