Once Upon A Time

by Janie Jones

There once was a time when I thought a job paying $8 an hour was sad and pathetic.  That was circa 1994 when I got my first real job that didn’t involve a retail store position and left the world of less than $10 an hour paying jobs behind.

Somehow since then my pay scale expectations have gone backwards.  By leaps and bounds.

Now, I just got all excited because I got a call back on a job in the Big City at Stickittoyou U paying a whopping $8.85 an hour.  After all, I’ve been struggling to get by on a part time job paying just $8 an hour for the last two years.  I suffered that miserable wage because the job was working for one of my previous professors who is one of my biggest fans.  She is extremely easy going with how I work my hours, and lets me do lots of work from home when it’s convenient.  She also lets me keep a desk in her office and gave me an office key so I can come and go there as I please and have a place to work between classes as well as a place to stash my belongings.  But, because I’m moving at the end of May and returning to Stickittoyou U for the rest of my educational career, I have to quit that job.  Which means I need a new one, and I need it to pay well.

Hence my excitement for a measly $8.85 an hour.

Hence my huge disappointment that they can’t hire me if I’m not taking summer classes at Stickittoyou U.  And, I can’t take classes there because Stickittoyou U isn’t offering the particular statistics course I need this summer.

But a small glimmer of hope lies on the horizon, the supervisor said she will probably have one or two positions in the fall, and if I am still interested I can be reconsidered then.


Can I please get a stroke of good luck that doesn’t feel a consolation prize?

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