Math Joke

by Janie Jones

I don’t know where this originated, and I definitely can’t take credit for it.  I saw it posted on a door on campus yesterday and it tickled me, even if it is a math joke:


math joke


2 Comments to “Math Joke”

  1. Guess you have to be a maths major to understand it…

  2. Oh, well, at least you need to remember college level algebra I guess. The symbol “i” stands for an imaginary number used to find the square root of negative numbers. I am told that they don’t really exist, but they are necessary in dealing with electrical calculations. They other symbol is pi. Pi is classified as an irrational number. It has no actual number, it just carries a string of never ending digits after it’s decimal point. So, the imaginary number is telling pi to “be rational” and pi is telling the imaginary number to “get real” which neither can do. The rest is just whether or not you find that dumb stuff funny.

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