I am from France (and other random weirdness)

by Janie Jones

I have switched from the bulky wool parka to my lighter weight fleece lined wind breaker for my pre-dawn rambles with Rupert.  This particular jacket has a very stiff windbreaker material and thus, when the hood is on it does not “settle” down on to my head as much as perches precariously until a stiff wind blows it off.  So I pull the drawstrings relatively snug to get it to hug my head.  Thanks to a series of lovely days sporting 40 something degree highs, most of the snow has melted off the streets, and walking along this morning under a street lamp with my hood snugged around my face I noticed my shadow cruising along in front of me.  You know, that hood made me look like I was a dead ringer for Prymaat Conehead.  For some reason this struck me as funny.

You know what else I find funny, but have been too busy to mention?  Last summer when I picked up extra hours working on the campus of Local College, the staff secretary made a door placard for the new office for the alumni association.  I have no idea how many times I walked past it and never really looked at it.  Then suddenly one day about a month or two ago I came out of the bathroom (directly across the hall from said office) and noticed for the first time in 6 or more months that it actually said, Alumi Association.  Next time I saw the secretary I mentioned it to her and she laughed as I was the first person, including herself who made the sign, to notice.  It’s still hanging there misspelled.

Yesterday was ceramics class.  I spent about 5 or 6 hours glazing pots.  I didn’t even work with wet clay and today my hands feel like sandpaper they are so dry.  It is vaguely disconcerting to hear them scratch against the key pad as I type.  On account of working with clay and it drying out my hands, I have been going through much more hand cream.  I buy this generic brand similar to Eucerin.  It comes in large “vats” and they generally last me a long, long time.  It’s probably been at least 3 years since I bought one last.  I tend to buy a couple tubs at once to have them in my room, the bathroom, the kitchen, etc.  Well I stopped in to Walmarz over the weekend to stock up finally being low again.  I kid you not they doubled in price in the last few years.  Doubled.

Off to school.  4 more weeks.

Happy Hump Day.

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