What I Learned on Spring Break

by Janie Jones

Buying a new washing machine is almost as good as going on a real vacation.  Plus, you reap the benefits of the cash you spent long after the official vacation ends.

Besides doing a lot of sleeping, lingering on the sofa with a cup of tea, and taking longer walks with Rupert (and occasionally Leif and Vera), I washed a large variety of items: coats, big fluffy robes, blankets, comforters, woolen socks, every day clothes, towels.  And, every single damn load washed like it was supposed to, and it did it with only a hint of a whisper to be heard from the machine.  Loads were on average washing in 45 minutes.  Some slightly more when I dialed up to include a soak cycle and extra rinse.  Less when I used “quick wash.”

If you have never endured washing day with a machine that you never were quite sure if it would actually wash your clothes, let me tell you, this was the most GLORIOUS spring break purchase I can imagine short of a new car or my very own house.

The downside of this post is that today I must return to school.  Break is over.  And, while I loved the ability to really do a whole lot of nothing, I’m having a really, really hard time getting the gumption up to get back in the proverbial saddle.

I have just 8 weeks left until the end of the semester, but it is eight weeks with not a single day off.  The first half of the semester was punctuated with holidays so we had some “mini breaks” throughout.  I always think I’d personally rather have a 4 day weekend each month instead of a long week off.  It’s great when you are in the middle of a week long break, but it’s too hard to get your poop back in a group afterward.

Anyway, Mother Nature is celebrating the end of spring break by dumping another round of snow storms on us, so I best get a move along.  No telling how dodgy the roads will be.

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