What I Learned Last Week #8

by Janie Jones

This post is a little later than usual because this week is SPRING BREAK!

I’ve made it half way through the semester and I haven’t gone postal.  Not that it hasn’t been close on a few occasions…
But I am determined to relax, relax and relax some more this week.

In keeping with the Monday report on my educational progress, last week – being the week before break – was punctuated with exams so there wasn’t much class going on with exciting new snippets to share.  Not even any gross photos of dissections this week.

About as exciting as I can get is regaling you all with the details of the purchase of a brand spanking new clothes washing machine.  I finally got sick and bloody tired of the front loading, high efficiency, piece of crap Samsung I’ve had to deal with the last 5 years not washing my clothes, not spinning them and basically taking for ever to do a whole lot of nothing.  I would never, ever buy a Samsung front loading, high efficiency washer if you really want clean clothes and a washer that works as intended every single load.  After just 3 years it started having problems and I have continued to fight with it for another two.  I was done.

The big decision to decimate my checkbook’s meager balance came because at *first* we thought Discount Home Improvement Center was having a scratch and dent/clearance sale with appliances 30% off.  So we drove out there and thought we’d be getting a good deal.  As it happens, there were no washing machines left when we got there, but their regular machines were also on sale.  So in a cold sweat about how much money I was spending at a time when I didn’t really have money to spare, but also needing clean clothes, I took the plunge.  We had a washer loaded in Leif’s truck, and we brought it home.  We wrestled it through our crazy back hall up four steps to the landing then down thirteen steps to the basement.  We wrestled the old POS washer out of the way, and tried to set up the new one.  Apparently one of the feet was already broken.  Then we tried to pull out the rod which is inserted in the base for transportation (don’t ask me what that’s all about, all I know is we are supposed to pull it out before use).  But it wouldn’t come out.  So Leif had to get his vice grips and finally accompanied by many colorful metaphors, the rod gave up it’s death grip on the inside of the machine and a tinkling of loose bits falling about was heard.  We exchanged meaningful glances over the top of the washer, slid it into place, hooked up the water lines and eagerly threw in some towels.  Water began filling.  Then, just as we were grinning like idiots to have a real, honest to goodness top load washer again, the thing began to make a horrific grinding noise.  We looked inside and noticed the wash tub was askew and the grinding was apparently caused by the machine attempting to rotate the tub.  The damn thing was broken.

Luckily, Discount Home Improvement Center had a second one still in stock and agreed without argument to take it back.  But, we had to wrestle the broken one back up from the basement, down the landing, over the slush and ice and up into the truck, then drive a half hour back to the store to pick up the new one.  For our trouble they did give us a 7% refund, which while not a huge amount, did help offset gas for a second trip out there.  After another 30 minute ride home, we wrestled the replacement new washer back down into the basement and we stood in awe as this one, working properly, washed a load of towels.

So, you could say that I learned that few things are so easily compensated for as the hassle and cost of procuring truly clean clothes.  I’m going to go wash a few more loads right now and bask in the feeling that all is right in the world….

Happy Spring Break

4 Comments to “What I Learned Last Week #8”

  1. I’m so, so, so glad to read that the second one works. Phew!

  2. There’s something so exciting about new appliances! Especially if they work 🙂

  3. I’ve only had to buy a washer once, and that was for Lovely House In The Desert. All the other places I’ve rented have either had their own or no place for them. It’s sooooooo much better than going to the laundromat, I have to say. Except in terms of blogfodder. Lots of weird shit going on at the laundromat. Nowadays Little Cabin In The Woods has a very good laundry machine set. Sometimes I pet them and tell them I love them…. unless the cats are around. Cats get so jealous. H, on the other hand, is very open about my relationship with the washer/dryer. He’s either very advanced or understands the importance of clean undies.

    • Ahh, yes. It IS good to not have to go to a laundromat. Tales of laundromat excursions are colorful blog fodder tales I’m more than happy to live without on my blog.

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