What I Learned Last Week #4

by Janie Jones

Last week was a big week for tests so I guess we’ll really see what I’ve learned.

In OChem I was very disappointed.  I thought I did well on the test but only managed a C.  That was a huge bummer.  But I wasn’t the lowest scoring student so I’m not totally a loser.

In Biology I kicked butt.  I got an A on both the lecture and lab portions of the exam.  Biology Teacher has a sense of humor which appeared on the exam.  We had two of the same question:

What do you call a person who specializes in the study of mushrooms?

a.  A mushroom lover.

b.  A mycologist.

c.  A fungologist.

d.  A real fun guy.

Hahaha.  Science geek humor.

I haven’t gotten the grades back from my calculus test, but at least I didn’t walk out wanting to cry.  I am hoping at least a C.  Funny how I get mad at myself for just getting a C in OChem but am relieved if I manage a C in Calc.  Life is sad and funny that way.

Ceramics class continues to be exhausting (it’s a night class and Janie don’t do nights) but fun.  Although I do have to admit to being a bit put out, my project last week was confused as a pig not by one person, but two.  It’s supposed to be Rupert:


Now, I’ve never worked with clay before this class, and I don’t claim to be a superstar artist, but I thought it looked quite like my Rupert:

misc fall 006

So I have to say ceramics class is probably the most insulting to my dog of any class I’ve ever taken.  Now I have to make another sculpture of Rupert to do him justice.  Apparently, the snout is all wrong.

I have had some “better” ceramics projects.  Nothing’s been glazed yet, but here’s some of my other accomplishments:


This is, quite clearly, Spongebob and Patrick, and not a couple of pigs.  They are actually maracas and when you shake them they make noise.  The need to make maracas is a requirement of the class.  Don’t ask.  I don’t know why.  I can only assume the successful project must demonstrate some particular clay technique proficiency.

And, this is one of my bowls.  I apparently forgot to get a picture of the other one:


Okay.  So that’s how I spent last week.



6 Comments to “What I Learned Last Week #4”

  1. WEll, um, it sort of does look like Rupert, if Rupert is a very hairy pig… 🙂 It’s the snout. I mean nose. But it’s better than anything I can do – mine would look like Rupert if Rupert was a muddy blob. You are impressive!

  2. *Sigh* Maybe it will look less like a pig once he’s glazed… 🙂

  3. I like Rupert, and I think Rupert does too.

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