I made it! Sort of…

by Janie Jones

Semester finals are over.

There is much rejoicing.

I can’t report feeling as though I’ve performed as well as I’d like, but I’m pretty sure I passed everything.  Grades won’t be in until Monday, and there’s nothing more to be done about it now so I’m just trying to put it behind me and convince myself that I can sufficiently recover over the break and tackle spring with renewed vigor.  That’s all I can do.  The educational battle wages on.

I’m hoping that maybe I’ll rediscover my own blog.  I miss it.  And, I miss reading all your blogs regularly.

But, first, there’s holiday revelry to be had.  Tomorrow I go to the Big City and pick up my friend Peggy, who is riding with me to pick up the Spud in the Major Metropolis.  Then, we’re all heading back to the Jones residence for birthday partying and Christmas partying all weekend long.  On Monday there’s some work to be done, but on Tuesday we have Christmas Eve, when many Christmas day delicacies are prepared.  Then Santa will come.  On Christmas Day we’re going to bask in the glow of unwrapped presents and visit friends in the afternoon.

It will be a busy time, but there will be no studying, and there will be good friends, family and food.  What more does a person need?

And, now I have to get prepared for all this impending revelry.  At last a chore I don’t loathe and have actually been looking forward to…


2 Comments to “I made it! Sort of…”

  1. Happy happy (late) Christmas and supergood New Year! May all your pinatas be filled with yum, A+ grades, and money.

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