Happy Turkey Day!

by Janie Jones

Life has been, um, intense, I guess you could say.  But still, I do have many things to be thankful for tomorrow:

I have a 20# turkey ready for roasting.

I have two beautiful pies that just came out of the oven.

I dedicated myself to getting some cleaning done this afternoon, so my house looks nice.

I have a 4 day break from school, and luckily both my math teachers decided to give us the weekend off with no homework, there was seriously much thanking for this.

And, test results are in, with mixed reviews.  Trig, didn’t go so well.  I barely managed a C.  But, Organic Chem was a mixed bag.  I got a B, which I should probably feel happy about on account of the fact I did barely any homework for two of the three chapters it covered on account of being swamped in math homework.  Considering, a B should be very satisfying indeed.  However, I’m just 2 measly points away from having an A for the semester, so of course I really wanted to get a better test score to bump up my total grade.  Now, I have to really ace the final if I want that A.  Finally, and here’s the kicker, the test I expected to do the worst on, my College Algebra test, that one I apparently got 100%.  Go figure.  I’m shocked.  I thought I did okay, but never expected a perfect score.

Well, so, I can’t really say things are going that badly in this moment.  Thankfully.

And now, it’s off to bed with my bad self, to drift off to sleep to the smell of apple pie and pumpkin pie and to dream of roast turkey with all the fixings.  My last parting thought as I nod off to la-la-land will be to give thanks to you, my wonderful bloggy buds, and thanks for sharing the blogosphere.  May you be blessed with family, friends, warmth, cheer and good eats, tomorrow and every day.

Happy Thanksgiving,

Janie Jones.


2 Comments to “Happy Turkey Day!”

  1. If things turn out right, you should have a feast, a nap and the contentment only Thanksgiving can bring.

  2. Hope you have had time to relax as well as eat your feast.

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