One cannot live on Pi alone

by Janie Jones

My Trig teacher was out on Friday and on Monday.  Whoo-hoo!  No Trig homework.  I celebrated the delay in my Unit Circle quiz by skipping studying pi related formulas and baking cake instead.  I used a Devil’s Food box mix I had on hand.  And, despite the fact the box had been on the pantry shelf for, I kid you not, 3 years, it came out light, moist and utterly yummy.

Now, I actually made cupcakes on account of the fact that Leif and I can’t eat a whole cake before it goes bad.  And, it is a crying shame to see cake go bad.  Even when the Spud is in the house, I can’t let her eat enough cake to finish it before before it goes bad, ’cause then she goes bad.  So, unfrosted cupcakes are the best form of cake in the Jones household because half can easily be frozen for later snack binge nirvana or unexpected company.  However, it occurs to me that skipping Trig homework to bake a large round cake could become homework in it’s own way.  Say, if I practiced my Unit Circle values in frosting….

Of course everyone knows pi r square, but I could prove in sugar and chocolate that cakes can be all the more mathematically educational.  Surely my Trig teacher would  have to let me have extra credit if I made a unit circle cake for class, and then she would have to let us all have cake and eat it too.

Help.  I think I’m losing my mind….


One Comment to “One cannot live on Pi alone”

  1. You eejit, pie is round and corn bread is square

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