I learned a new word

by Janie Jones

So on Thursday, those of us priviledged enough to be in the 8 am College Algebra course at Local College were introduced to a new word:


Don’t ask me what it means.  Something to do with the place on a graph where lines approach but never touch.  I’m sure there’s a dirty joke in there somewhere about places you never touch, but I’m too tired to think of it.

Also new, I bought a compass yesterday.  Not the kind that you use to determine what direction you’re going in, the kind to help you draw circles.  I have to memorize all the major degrees of a circle and the sine, cosine and value of the arc associated with it.  To practice, I am told I should draw circles and divide each quadrant in the circle into three sectors and label them appropriately.  I’m going to be tested on my ability to remember all this information next week.

MJ 225

It’s like a deranged Native American Dream Catcher, only this one steals my dreams instead of protecting them.

I have a count down to the end of the semester: only 19 more days of class.  I don’t know what I’m excited about, next spring I face calculus.  However, I only need calculus and statistics then I can put the maths behind me.  And that my bloggy friends will be a day to celebrate.



3 Comments to “I learned a new word”

  1. I’m glad it’s a word that the media won’t use. After “gravitas” became the buzz word to describe how George Bush wasn’t, I decided some words should be pounded into pulp, burned and the ashes buried in a secret location.

  2. I love new words!

    Don’t think I’ll be using this one much, however 😦

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