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November 27, 2013

Happy Turkey Day!

by Janie Jones

Life has been, um, intense, I guess you could say.  But still, I do have many things to be thankful for tomorrow:

I have a 20# turkey ready for roasting.

I have two beautiful pies that just came out of the oven.

I dedicated myself to getting some cleaning done this afternoon, so my house looks nice.

I have a 4 day break from school, and luckily both my math teachers decided to give us the weekend off with no homework, there was seriously much thanking for this.

And, test results are in, with mixed reviews.  Trig, didn’t go so well.  I barely managed a C.  But, Organic Chem was a mixed bag.  I got a B, which I should probably feel happy about on account of the fact I did barely any homework for two of the three chapters it covered on account of being swamped in math homework.  Considering, a B should be very satisfying indeed.  However, I’m just 2 measly points away from having an A for the semester, so of course I really wanted to get a better test score to bump up my total grade.  Now, I have to really ace the final if I want that A.  Finally, and here’s the kicker, the test I expected to do the worst on, my College Algebra test, that one I apparently got 100%.  Go figure.  I’m shocked.  I thought I did okay, but never expected a perfect score.

Well, so, I can’t really say things are going that badly in this moment.  Thankfully.

And now, it’s off to bed with my bad self, to drift off to sleep to the smell of apple pie and pumpkin pie and to dream of roast turkey with all the fixings.  My last parting thought as I nod off to la-la-land will be to give thanks to you, my wonderful bloggy buds, and thanks for sharing the blogosphere.  May you be blessed with family, friends, warmth, cheer and good eats, tomorrow and every day.

Happy Thanksgiving,

Janie Jones.


November 22, 2013

Wish me luck

by Janie Jones

Going to school is never easy, but as I’ve alluded to in greater and lesser detail these past weeks, this semester combined with various other trials in my personal life has been particularly grueling.  At times I feel like the little train that could, chugging through my days seeing little or nothing around me and muttering my constant mantra: I think I can I think I can I think I can I think I can, until I can no longer think and then my brain feels like it gives up.  My brain says, hey, log jam here lady.  I need some time to clear out the crap before you can start cramming more in again.  But there is no time.  It’s very depressing.  No time, no money, no life, just a mantra:  I think I can get through one more minute.  I think I can read one more page.  I think I can do one more problem.  I think I can get up one more day.

This strange tunnel vision zombie like life does weird things to your health and your soul.  I was shuffling along, bundled up like an Eskimo at 4 am this morning, walking Rupert.  He stopped in one of his usual places to have a pee, and the cold had left this diamond dust sparkly sheen all over wood privacy fence Rupert likes to pee on and in my strangeness I had to stop and think about how beautiful that was, and how a few centuries ago that would look so magical, but then my study brain kicked in and began de-mystifying it thinking about the chemistry and physics behind the sparkliness.  I don’t know whether to feel happy about what I’ve achieved or sad.  In one sense, this education has proven to me I can learn this difficult but fascinating stuff.  On the other hand, it’s changing me and sucking up everything I have leaving me feeling empty, exhausted and no more secure than I was before.  I’ve had to sacrifice so much to get here, and I still have such a long way to go.  And as I wander through the dark, quiet cold morning looking at all the snug little houses I can’t help but feel a bit of panic.  I’m doing all this so one day I can own one of those snug little houses myself.  So I can stop and contemplate the mysteries of crystalline sparklies on my own privacy fence.  So I can have security and comfort and know that I don’t have to rely on anyone but myself to provide my necessities of life.  But, will I make it?  Will it all be worth it?  Or will the deprivations suffered to slog through mountains of homework and hours of endless study result in bupkiss?

You just don’t know.  Unless you try.  But, Master Yoda always says, “do or do not.  There is no try.”

So I get up again, and I do what I can, what I must.  I’ve given it all I had to give.  I hope it’s enough.

I suppose I’ll soon have an answer that will tell me if I’ve toiled successfully at least for these past couple weeks.  I might not be able to get an objective grade on my life choices per se, but not to worry, college has a way of putting all my effort into perspective.  Test taking.  And while finals are still 3 weeks away, I managed, though a mystical conjunction of devilish minded teachers, to have multiple tests to take this morning.

I almost ended up having to take three tests today, at 8, 9 and 10 am.  “Luckily” if that idea even applies, my College Algebra test and all it’s asymptote glory was pushed back to Monday.  I think most of the critical concepts have been effectively jammed up there in my brain, but I don’t feel like there was enough time to do as much “assimilating” of the information as I’d have liked, despite all my very best efforts to focus, absorb and learn.  As much as I mumble I think I can, reality often has it’s own mantra.  For me it sounds like, I’m so tired I’m so tired I’m so tired….  Hopefully, I’ll be able to get my neurons to fire long enough to find the info I need and transfer it from some deep dark grey matter to a motor impulse allowing me to write comprehensible answers.

So, if you have any thoughts, chi or whatever to spare this morning, can you wish it my way?  I need some good grades to buoy my spirit and get me through the last 3 weeks.  I need some sign that all this is worth it.

November 19, 2013

One cannot live on Pi alone

by Janie Jones

My Trig teacher was out on Friday and on Monday.  Whoo-hoo!  No Trig homework.  I celebrated the delay in my Unit Circle quiz by skipping studying pi related formulas and baking cake instead.  I used a Devil’s Food box mix I had on hand.  And, despite the fact the box had been on the pantry shelf for, I kid you not, 3 years, it came out light, moist and utterly yummy.

Now, I actually made cupcakes on account of the fact that Leif and I can’t eat a whole cake before it goes bad.  And, it is a crying shame to see cake go bad.  Even when the Spud is in the house, I can’t let her eat enough cake to finish it before before it goes bad, ’cause then she goes bad.  So, unfrosted cupcakes are the best form of cake in the Jones household because half can easily be frozen for later snack binge nirvana or unexpected company.  However, it occurs to me that skipping Trig homework to bake a large round cake could become homework in it’s own way.  Say, if I practiced my Unit Circle values in frosting….

Of course everyone knows pi r square, but I could prove in sugar and chocolate that cakes can be all the more mathematically educational.  Surely my Trig teacher would  have to let me have extra credit if I made a unit circle cake for class, and then she would have to let us all have cake and eat it too.

Help.  I think I’m losing my mind….

November 16, 2013

I learned a new word

by Janie Jones

So on Thursday, those of us priviledged enough to be in the 8 am College Algebra course at Local College were introduced to a new word:


Don’t ask me what it means.  Something to do with the place on a graph where lines approach but never touch.  I’m sure there’s a dirty joke in there somewhere about places you never touch, but I’m too tired to think of it.

Also new, I bought a compass yesterday.  Not the kind that you use to determine what direction you’re going in, the kind to help you draw circles.  I have to memorize all the major degrees of a circle and the sine, cosine and value of the arc associated with it.  To practice, I am told I should draw circles and divide each quadrant in the circle into three sectors and label them appropriately.  I’m going to be tested on my ability to remember all this information next week.

MJ 225

It’s like a deranged Native American Dream Catcher, only this one steals my dreams instead of protecting them.

I have a count down to the end of the semester: only 19 more days of class.  I don’t know what I’m excited about, next spring I face calculus.  However, I only need calculus and statistics then I can put the maths behind me.  And that my bloggy friends will be a day to celebrate.


November 5, 2013

Drowning in Maths

by Janie Jones

This is a diagram of my life:





rest of my life


Just in case you were wondering, Trig teacher does not believe in coming up for air.  I guess she expects we’ll either develop gills or drown.  The really bad news is she teaches the Calculus course I am slated to take in the spring.  Don’t get me wrong, she’s a great person, and a good teacher, she’s also just a Maths Nazi.

I’m going to crawl into bed now.  I will need to get up at 4 am tomorrow to finish my homework before classes start.

November 3, 2013


by Janie Jones

My Trig class started on Halloween.  What a scary treat indeed.  As you may imagine, I’m up to my eyeballs in even more homework.  The good news is, I only have to endure 6 more weeks before the end of this semester.