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October 1, 2013

The first of October enters my small town in the Great White North…

by Janie Jones

With lots of activity and loud noise.

Out on our morning walk at 6:10 am, I had no less that 4 cars and the garbage truck cross my path and was serenaded the whole while by a huge freight train blowing it’s horn and rumbling down the side of the road we walk on.  In the dark of morning when usually the silence is oppressively loud as it wraps you in it’s blanket of calm peacefulness, this morning’s walk was anything but relaxing and peaceful.  I wonder if that train comes through every day at 6:10.

I’m sorry, what’s that you say?  I’m afraid I’ve gone deaf from train horn blasts.

Anyway I don’t think Rupert enjoyed it much either.  But it was kinda funny watching him startle in mid poop.  Poor dog.