Seeing as this week we’ve already broached the topic of Genpop intelligence…

by Janie Jones

At the local grocery I cruised past the meat department.  As I was wavering over the cost of a spiral cut ham I noticed that someone had written in those special grocery store markers on the glass of the seafood counter in big “fancy” sign script:


I was seriously tempted to ask for a pound of their “Supereme” Jumbo Shrimp.  Not any old supreme shrimp, only your SUPEREME shrimp for my family thank you.

I guess that’s what you get when you stop teaching phonics and sounding out words in school.

While we’re on the topic of misspelled signage, I forgot to mention a few weeks ago I took Rupert to have his toenails cut.  There’s a doggie daycare/groomers down the way a bit from school and they do it quickly and inexpensively, which saves me the worry of clipping too short and making him bleed.  As I stood and waited I read some of the signs and notices posted around the counter.  This particular one caught my eye:

If we are not at the counter, we are probably in back assisting our 4 legged customers in the groomer’s area.  Your business is important to us, so please wait here and we’ll be back soon.  Thank you for your patients.

Now if they were a veterinary office I might giggle at the play on words.  But in this case it just made me shake my head.

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