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October 16, 2013

Sublimation of the Genpop Intelligence Quotient

by Janie Jones

I don’t pay a whole lot of attention to the news.  It depresses me.  Many of you might find my attitude despicable, but I have more than enough misery to contend with in my immediate circle without having to broaden my horizons to include the county, state, nation, and world’s misery, too.

Anyway, the point is, apparently some brain trust put “dry ice” bombs in LAX the other day.  Chem Prof heard of this and had to ask if we’d seen a particular news cast describing the event.  I am expecting some interesting chemistry related discussion about the making, exploding, etc of a dry ice bomb.  Apparently it was pretty boring.  Just dry ice and probably some hot water in a 2 liter soda bottle, which is enough to make the bottle explode as the sublimation of the dry ice creates C02 gas.  What Chem Prof found more interesting, and irritating, was the news caster described this process as dry ice “melting.”

To which I had to logic bomb, “But if they actually said sublimating, 90% of the population probably wouldn’t have a clue what that means.”

He stopped, nodded and agreed that was, indeed likely to be quite true.

See, just one more reason not to bother with the news.  It simply is wrong.  Dispensing misinformation is a sign of the times.