Chicken Soup for Janie

by Janie Jones

Yesterday I made myself what I call Mediterranean Chicken Soup.  It’s one of the few ways I like a clear broth soup, and just as advertised, chicken soup made me feel better.

mediterranean chicken soup 002

I love to cook.  I’ve always loved to cook.  I’m happy when I’m cooking.  And while I also love a good cookbook, I generally just use them for ideas and then branch out on my own.  In the end, most of what I cook is things I’ve created or tweaked to my personal preferences.  For example, Mediterranean Chicken Soup.  I’ve never seen an actual recipe for it, but I know how to make a good chicken stock and I likes me some Mediterranean seasonings and veg.  Ergo, my soup.  My friends have been encouraging me to write my own line of cookbooks.  Maybe I should.  I could use some “dough.”


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