I must be on candid camera

by Janie Jones

So I’ve been stressing out about, among many things, all the expensive maintenance work that needed to be done on the vehicles.  We’ve been putting it off because summer school canceled and therefore no financial aid was available, leaving it necessary to make do with what little I got from my $8 an hour summer job and the little bit I squirreled away from last spring’s financial aid.  So when fall financial aid came in I despondently calculated how much of it would be needed to make my share of rent, utilities, etc. until next February when I will be eligible for financial aid next.  Then we began calling around looking for the car repairs at the best possible prices and messaging the budget to try and get everything necessary done and still not have the power shut off, or run out of gas money to get to school before the next financial aid payment would come in.  Leif assured me some how we’d make the crazy lack of funding work out.

Then today I got a bill for my Organic Chemistry class.  Apparently, for some idiotic reason, that is billed separately and not included in the tuition bill that the financial aid covered before I got cut my check.  So my dodgy budget held together by unicorn farts and prayers is now totally busted.  Because in order to finish paying car repairs and pay back $880 in financial aid to cover my Organic Chemistry class there is no possible way I can make it through.  If I don’t have any more surprises and don’t spend a single penny on anything that’s not absolutely one-hundred percent necessary to survive (forget Christmas) I can probably, maybe, pay all the bills through December.  January, barring a miracle, not a chance.

So now I’m waiting for some a**hole to jump out and scream, “Janie Jones, you’re on candid camera!” and assure me this was all a joke, thanks for playing.

No one has yet to jump out.

Happy weekend.  I’ll be crying.

2 Comments to “I must be on candid camera”

  1. That ‘like’ is sort of meant to be a big warm hug, and a ball of string to fix the car x

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