Thursday Quote Du Jour #10: Underachievers justifying mediocrity

by Janie Jones

So, I’ve been struggling with Physics.  Partially because the whole class is basically a nightmare of story problems, partially because I haven’t actually had Trigonometry yet, and partially because my teacher is a math and physics geek and gets his *ahem* from dragging us through these obscenely confusing lectures on how you derive a formula and the mathematical justification for everything.

Anyway, so in a panic because all I can really remember from Phys Teacher’s lectures are “Bawbaw, baaaww, bawbaw,” it’s like being in a Peanuts cartoon, I go see a physics tutor who confirms that my Phys Teacher is a masochist, and says to me when I bemoan a fate of a C at very best:

C’s get degrees, Janie.


Sad because some people think a C is all you need to succeed.  And, sad because I’d be lucky to manage a C.

So there’s your quote for the day.

2 Comments to “Thursday Quote Du Jour #10: Underachievers justifying mediocrity”

  1. Physics encompasses all math, including calculus, which is much tougher than my feeble brain can handle.

    Take the C and be happy. Success isn’t completely rated by excellence. It’s also rated by perseverance and the knowledge you did your best.

  2. In this case I could be uncharacteristically relieved and happy to just barely squeeze into the C grade range.

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