I have no idea what to title this post

by Janie Jones

It is 9:30 am on Saturday.

It is over cast, cool and blustery.  The leaves are falling off the trees and making a pleasing rustling noise as they skitter along the ground.  I love this weather.  Fall is my favorite season.  A sunny clear fall day is lovely, but dark windy fall days are powerfully captivating too.  I’d love to go stand on a rocky out cropping along the big lake today, watch the waves break on the cliffs and spray high into the sky and just feel the power of the weather and the immense presence of the lake all around me.  I want to go up the north shore and wander along the deserted beaches of black sand.  I want to wind my way through the tree lined paths in the marina park, and head down to the slip and watch the masts of the boats wave in the wind and listen to the sound of the lines and what ever bits that make that clanking noise as they slap against the mast poles.  I want to be out there enjoying this wonderful time of year.  I want to feel that satisfaction and contentment that being able to really relax can bring.

Now it’s 10:10.  I’ve been sitting her for 40 minutes trying to finish this post.   I can’t decide what else to say.  I guess I just didn’t want to be alone this morning slaving away on frustrating homework.  But as I can’t decide what else to write I suppose I’d better post this and get some discipline and get to work, the homework won’t do itself.

3 Comments to “I have no idea what to title this post”

  1. Late Autumn evenings are mesmerizing. The almost crisp air, a faint hint of wood smoke and the swirling leaves, which make the shadows deeper.

    It’s intoxicating.

  2. Home work that does itself…now that’s a science I can get behind 😉

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