Thursday Quote Du Jour #9: I’ve never felt so inspired by tennis before

by Janie Jones

I haven’t been blogging much.  Mostly the reason is I’ve been too busy.  Physics is kicking my ass.  I hope that once we move past the next chapter things will improve, because calculating vectors and angles requires a lot of Trig, which, conveniently I won’t take until later this fall.  And, when I’m not wallowing in the misery of my own ignorance I’m buckling under the sheer quantity of information being required to be digested each week in Organic Chem and College Algebra.  I also have the joy of looking forward to having my Trig class start the last week of October and adding more work to my week and, naturally, by then I’ll no longer need it for my Physics class.  *grumble, grumble*

Between feeling so frustrated I could explode, and other things, Speccy’s post earlier this week was a wonderful breath of fresh air.  So good in fact I had to borrow a bit from it.

Just believe in yourself.  Even if you don’t, pretend that you do, and at some point you will.

-Venus Williams


You have to get up every morning and tell yourself, “I can do this.”

While I love the quotes, I have to say, the snarky butt side of me is reminded of where Cleopatra lived.

In denial.

Oh, geez.  *rolls eyes*  It’s a stupid joke, but I need my laughs any way I can get them.

Well, let’s hope this little bit of PMA goes a long way.  Thanks, Speccy.

2 Comments to “Thursday Quote Du Jour #9: I’ve never felt so inspired by tennis before”

  1. Well, if you find it hard to believe in yourself, remember you have a fan club with at least……one? maybe a half dozen of devoted fans? I don’t know. We always get too drunk at the meetings and forget to count.

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