If that doesn’t cheer me up then nothing will

by Janie Jones

I had a very bad day.  It came on the coat tails of what I thought was an upswing in life in general.

So I cried.

I went to class and then cried in the car on the way home.

Back at home I shook off my big girl clothes, climbed into jammies, then into bed and cried some more.  I was so distraught I forgot there was milk and orange juice still in the back of the jeep.

Eventually Leif found me and let me cry on his burly Viking shoulder.  I finally got up when I remembered the milk and juice in the jeep.

Life goes on.  There’s homework to be done.  It doesn’t seem much worth doing right now because all the hard work I’ve been putting in is only resulting in more confusion and shitty grades.  But, life goes on and the homework never ends.

Still, I think life can go on tomorrow.  After I play a few dozen rounds of Free Cell on the 40 inch TV.  We’ve had that TV for some time now, but strangely enough I only just discovered the fun of playing games on it.  Free Cell is always just Free Cell, but somehow it is much more fun on a 40 inch screen being played from your sofa.  Go figure.

Now if only physics was that much fun.

5 Comments to “If that doesn’t cheer me up then nothing will”

  1. Well, I hope tomorrow is much better. I’d add a snarky comment, but my snark reservoir is empty.

  2. Brownies and milk and a viking’s shoulder – sounds like the perfect pick me up. Hope things are better tomorrow x

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