OMG! That was brutal.

by Janie Jones

I am not sure if this is a sign of things to come, or whether the epic volume of work required to complete my first chem lab this year is because I just am not yet familiar with this teacher’s process.

One lab so far has consumed almost 10 total hours of my life since last Wednesday.  Just the lab.  There’s still work I need to do for the general lecture portion of the class.  Not to mention the requirements of my other classes.  Let’s not forget the time they require.  So I’ve just spent several hours slugging away on my final notes, report, and completing the lab questions and now my brain is fried.  But no rest for me, I have to prep next week’s lab and finish that aforementioned lecture portion of the homework.

It’s not impossible, the actual material, it’s just that there’s so much of it.  It’s like when your 12th level paladin with a +4 holy avenger sword gets killed by a swarm of 1 half hit die kobolds.  Seriously.  Overwhelming.  By.  Sheer.  Quantity.


5 Comments to “OMG! That was brutal.”

  1. The peanut gallery just performed a cheer. The spirit was there, but between ugly men in cheerleader outfits, and the occasional fart, everyone recoiled in horror.

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