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September 3, 2013

A new routine

by Janie Jones

With the spud off spending the school year at her dad’s house, I need something new to write about when I’m not whining about school, money and the vagaries and miseries of life in general.

I think I’ve figured out what that will be:  Rupert.

We have been walking every morning for the last week or so.  It’s not a long walk, we just go down and around three blocks.  It’s a nice route, very little traffic, and it is a relaxing and invigorating little jaunt.  It is strange, however, that on every walk we’ve had Rupert always does No. 2 (I always remember now to check the status of my poop bags) on the same nicely manicured lawn.  Every time.  Even the one time I got walk crazy and I took him for a second evening walk.  Even the one day the dog that lives in the house was out on a lead and barked at him, loudly and incessantly from only a few feet away, the whole time he made not one pile, but lived up to his nick-name, Rupert Two-Poops.

So how do I account for this?  Coincidence?  Yeah probably.  Or I can imagine that Rupert is a very civilized dog; he likes a neat, tidy bathroom.  But probably it’s some dog code to the dog that lives there, something like, “Gravy at my den, 5pm every night.  Watch out, sometimes there’s a stray piece of veg hiding in the gravy.”