Simon and Garfunkel make a guest appearance at the Jones household

by Janie Jones

The Sound of Silence.

The spud left with her dad yesterday.  She will be spending the school year at an independent school in the town where his new wife is a pediatrician.  The house is a little emptier in more than one way.  I don’t know how I feel about that yet, but the quiet is soothing on my nerves.

me n mj 010 cropped


6 Comments to “Simon and Garfunkel make a guest appearance at the Jones household”

  1. It’s a good time to take up a ridiculously selfish hobby, such as sleeping.

  2. I hope she has a great year, and I hope you don’t miss her too much. Tinson1 is off to college in another town for a year too, and we keep expressing our broken-heartedness by telling him that we’re putting a pool table in his room.

    • I keep telling myself this is a very good thing. And, although I love her, I also love a bit of freedom. Oh, and have I mentioned the quiet? I love the sound of quiet.

  3. What a great pic!
    You are supermum, Janie x

    • Thanks! It is actually insanely difficult to get someone to take our picture and to get the weather and the spud to all cooperate at the same time. This one one thing I really wanted since I realized it had been about 3 and half years since the last time we had a picture taken together.

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