Well, that was somewhat anticlimatic

by Janie Jones

So at some point during the night my 10, 000 visitor came and went unreported.  It was probably a spambot.  Bummer.  I was thinking of making it a real celebration with confetti, fan fare and prizes.  Oh well, probably a large number of “visits” are from spammers.

Still, it’s fun crossing over into 5 digits worth of visits.  And, though there’s no confetti, fanfare or prizes, a hearty thanks go out to all my regular readers.

Thank you very much indeed.


2 Comments to “Well, that was somewhat anticlimatic”

  1. A blog validates the experiences that slip through the cracks. Too much of our lives are completely forgotten, yet as unique as the most precious of diamonds.

    Here’s to two dozen more ten thousand visits.


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