Totally the best $30 I ever spent

by Janie Jones

I decided that I needed a haircut.

My usual mode of hair cutting is to hack away until it looks reasonably decent, then once or twice a year when I’ve mucked it up totally and can’t get any decent results I break down and go to a “fast-food” hair salon where you never know who or what you’re going to get.  This usually results in a barely better than what I can manage on my own kind of haircut.  Or on the rare occasions I find someone who “gets” what kind of ‘do I want and does a good job, by the time I go back they’re gone.

So today I decided to do something different.  Ever since I’ve lived up here, there has been a salon in the joke that passes for a shopping mall next to our only real grocery store.  The last time I wandered by, meaning last year, it looked nice and it looked busy.  So I thought, “Someday I should go see what kind of job I can get done on my hair there.”  Finally I went in and interviewed three hair dressers.  Each hair dresser is “in business” for themselves, and they share the rent of the salon.  Apparently many of them have been there a while, and they all looked like ladies of my age or older and of my “social” class, meaning they dressed like business women who own a salon and not like hookers masquerading as hairdressers.

And, after an hour and a half I walked out with a gallon of product on my hair.  After a vigorous scrub, rinse and restyling with minimal application of my preferred hair products and blow-drying technique I have to say that is by far the best haircut I think I’ve ever had.  It was so good I called and thanked the hairstylist again; totally worth washing out a gallon of sticky hair paste.  And, I’m going back in so she can see exactly how I style my hair and next time, provided she doesn’t close up shop, I should be able to get a consistent cut.

Oh!  Happy day!!

I definitely think I will start putting back 10 bucks a paycheck so I can afford to go every two months.  It’s totally worth it.


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