Spudisms #17 Carsacks

by Janie Jones

First, some back story is called for…

Some weeks ago Leif got in a Corb Lund jag.  On nearly continuous loop we’ve been listening to all Leif’s favorite Corb tunes for weeks now.  While Corb is infinitely preferable to his last musical artist jag (Dropkick Murphys) one does get a bit tired of hearing the same 8 songs or so over and over and over.  So, it didn’t even dawn on me which particular song was playing in the background at dinner.

Now, on to the Spudism…

Spud:  Momma, do you know what a carsack is?

The spud is into making up her own words, foreign languages and signature silly phrases, so this question, while bizarre, is not so much so in our house.  Still, one should verify what one thinks one hears.

Me:  What did you say?

Spud:  Do you know what a carsack is?

Me (carefully enunciating):  A carsack?

Spud:  Yeah.

Me:  No, I guess not.  What is a carsack?

Spud:  Like in the song, a carsack on the run.

Suddenly, the light goes on, Horse Soldier!  Horse Soldier! is playing.

Me:  Oh!  You mean a Cossack!  Like in the song, “I’m a Cossack on the run.”

Spud:  Yeah.

Leif:  I’m a Carsack on the run.  I like that.  I’ll have to get a big fleecey hat in the shape of a car.


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