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July 31, 2013


by Janie Jones

Swim lessons:  A little mermaid

summer misc 002

This is her 4th year of swimming lessons.  It seems like she’s finally getting the hang of actually swimming and not just flailing.  Yesterday the instructor said she can graduate to level two next year.  We bought goggles to celebrate.  I should have taken a picture with the goggles on.  I just don’t know what I was thinking (see yesterday’s post I guess).

Birthday cake:  Too pretty to eat?  Nah.  It was delish

summer misc 007

Leif requested my two layer lemon cheesecake for his birthday, only he wanted it in Key Lime flavor instead of lemon.  As my layer cheesecake turned out good the first time, but not quite what I imagined, I tweaked it just a bit by adding a bit more cream cheese and an extra egg then beating the stuffing out of it before baking.  The result was a fluffier thicker cream cheese layer, which is more in line with what I was imagining.  I also discovered that zesting 2 pounds of Key Limes (in case you have never encountered fresh Key Limes, they are smaller than a golf ball) is not fun.  It is a miracle that no fingernails or skin ended up in the the lime zest.  Or maybe not so much a miracle but Leif taking pity on me and zesting the last bunch of limes after the cussing and yelping got too difficult to ignore.  In general the cake was delicious, but I discovered that while lemon zest sort of fades into the color of the cake and the gelatiny-custard layer, lime zest just turns an ugly dark green and looks like specks of mold.  I think the lesson learned here is you don’t need the zest in the lime version, just the juice is sufficient.  Next time I’ll totally skip the phalange flaying lime zest.

Rupert’s den:  Only a dog can look this adorable sleeping under a desk

summer misc 008

“Dog-mom, get that camera out from under my den.  Your disturbing my snooze.”

That’s all I’ve got today.  That and, Happy Hump Day.