Still thinking of sweet little Primo

by Janie Jones

For anyone here who doesn’t read Rachel Lucas’s blog, Rachel and Primo are safely back in the US after their long plane flight from Italy.  Me, and probably half the blogoshpere, had been wishing them well and thinking of them muchly these last couple of days.

This morning I tuned in to see if there was word and I was so relieved to see a groggy looking picture of sweet Primo that declared he was home.

Funny how much you can worry about a dear little dog and a woman you only know by a blog.  But if it seems strange to anyone here I’m blogging about someone else’s blog and life, I beg you to forgive me.  If you spend anytime reading about Rachel and her pupkiss, I’m sure you’d understand why I’m infatuated with that little dog and concerned for him and his dog mom who was so worried about his trip to the states.

Thank you Universe for seeing them safely back to the states.

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