Sprechen Sie Deutsch? No, apenas hablan el español.

by Janie Jones

So I had a strange dream last night.

Leif and I had apparently traveled to Germany and we were driving somewhere around Germany after Sarsm picked us up at the airport.

Now, I barely know Sarsm, but I really enjoy her blog.  I know nothing about Germany, and I haven’t had anything to do with it in my life recently.  So why I was dreaming about flying there and riding around in Sarsm’s car I have no idea.  But that’s not the strangest part of this dream.

From the front passenger seat Leif is attempting to engage Sarsm in conversation.  But all in Spanish.  Leif knows a smattering of German, perhaps slightly more Spanish, but is not fluent in either.  So why I was dreaming this part either I have no clue.

So naturally, because I’m all totally like Spanish-is-almost-a-native-tongue kinda gal (BTW, I have this bridge for sale),  from the back seat I start telling Leif that Sarsm doesn’t even speak Spanish, all in Spanish.  Of course I have no idea if she really does or not.  Perhaps in real life she’d be chattering away merrily in Spanish with us.

But, obviously in my dream Sarsm can only reply in English, “Hey, guys, I don’t speak Spanish!  Don’t you speak English? Oder sprechen Sie Deutsch?”

Then we gave up talking and the dream moved on as we toured the ocean beach (I have no idea if there’s an airport near the ocean or if Sarsm is located anywhere near either) and walked along a boardwalk where waves were crashing up over the docks and the walkways and there were cute little shops until we finally stopped with a tour group to eat (I don’t know if any such place exists, even if there is an airport near the ocean and Sarsm could get us there, much less where we picked up the tour group either).  Some of us ladies however needed to use the restroom and we had to go on this long convoluted path to find the bathrooms but had trouble because none of us spoke any German.  Apparently I can dream in fluent Spanish, but German is right out.  Geesh, where’s Bing Translator when you need it?

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