… of U and ME

by Janie Jones

I’d like to particularly thank the not so handy man who my landlady calls when work needs to be done on the house.

Apparently when you came back today to pick up the old hot water heater you didn’t feel it was necessary to take the huge empty box it was in.  This oversight caused the box to blow over and take out half a window box of flowers next to the driveway.  At least I’m assuming it was an accidental oversight.  I’m also assuming it was a stray gust of wind that knocked the box into the flower box destroying half a box of flowers.  Naturally a kind, gentle soul would assume that no one would deliberately leave that huge box behind nor would they be so rude and clumsy to just throw the box off to the side where it would land on the flowers.

But then, you know what they say you make when you assume.

You are so totally lucky you are a personal friend of my landlady.  You have no idea.

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